Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rojak theme

Received an email:

hi ,
Sorry . .just want to drop some comment on your new blog:
a) I noticed ur blog have a lot of picture. ..thereofre, it takes me long time to get a full reprt
b) I noticed the design is not so "ok" for look . .is black ..hope u can come out with a good design
c) less investment sharing. . just macam macam sharing at ur blog. .how come like that?
sorry for my opinion.
pls do not take it seriusly. . .
i just share my view. .


So here my reply:
No need sorry la. Cakap aje
a) Memang manyak the gambar - video summore. Slow to load? I recommend Streamyx 1Mbps. Kalau tak cukup, then upgrade to 2Mbps :P
b) hitam bagus mah, hitam baru nga untuk tengok gambar, tengok video. Imagine if in cinema they dont off the lights :P
c) Siapa cakap ni investment blog? :P Ni kan Rojak blog - namapun dah macamrojak. Blog topic pun Macam-Macam Ada, memang la rojak!!! wakakakakakaa

Eh, mamak, rojak sepinggan... wahahahahaha

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